Welcome to Satira Gems

Satira Gems Private Limited is a high-tech lapidary duly registered in Srilanka. The Company is licensed to operate as a lapidary and a trading organization to carry out its business from Srilanka.

The Company has a highly trained work force.  Our lapidarists have been trained by The  Israel  Master Lapidarist.  Satira Gems uses the latest high tech equipment manufactured in Israel and patented girdling equipment. 

We are a high-tech lapidary, processing and marketing high quality Emerald,  Sapphire , Ruby and any other type of  gem stones.  All stones are graded sized maintaining consistent  high quality standards  within the stringent tolerance levels required by the watch and Jewellery  manufacturing industry world  wide.


In addition to our connections with dealers of cut and polished, we process your rough or cut and polished or rough stones in any shape specified by you to meet your exact demands.